Networking Solutions

Every system should have at least one person, a systems administrator, in charge of system maintenance and operation. It is the responsibility of system administrators to ensure the smooth operation of the system and to perform a wide variety of tasks that require special privileges. In most cases, it makes sense for companies to outsource this function.

Agate Solutions professionals possess a strong understanding of Windows NT/2000, MS-SQL, Oracle database technologies as well as end user applications.

In the Linux world, our consultants are familiar with Linux system administration tools: COAS, Linuxconf, Webmin and YAST. Agate Solutions systems administrators are skilled at the many technologies available to manage, monitor, and improve the system.

Supply chain tools Companies looking for efficiencies in the value chain have implemented supply chain manufacturing applications for the past two decades.

Many of these companies have also implemented B2B marketplace technologies in recent years to ensure efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

The requirements of supply chain or business-to-business (B2B) integration are ideal for Microsoft .NET-connected software. Each of the many enterprises along a supply chain needs to minimize its cost of doing business and maximize return on investment.

To achieve that, an enterprise needs to look at its resources — its available inventory, its production capacity, the size and location of its warehouses — and optimize the use of those resources. For example, PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management delivers real-time, synchronized supply chains — enabling organizations to respond in real time to changes in demand and supply.

BEA WebLogic also provides a unified platform for building, extending, integrating, deploying, and managing applications as end-to-end business processes.