Our Team

Agate Solutions management team includes experienced senior engineers and managers with a clear understanding of the bottom line of business. They understand the need for communication, clearly defined deliverables and the need to add real value to our clients operations. All Agate Solutions managers have advanced technical degrees and significant experience delivering effective solutions on time.

All engineers have an ongoing training regimen that keeps us abreast of the latest technologies.

The strength of the team is built on its diversity in core skill sets our experience includes:

» Working with start ups as well as Fortune 500 companies.

» Development and management of both short term and long term projects.

» Work experience around the globe including US, Europe & Far East.

» Ability to Understand the real world of business & stretch your $$$ to the maximum.

» Significant Operations and IT experience in a range of industries.

» Get your projects done On -Time and In - Budget.